Dear Friend,
It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Al Reichman and Ahavath Messiah Ministries. Dr. Reichman is a gifted preacher whose messages are Biblical, engaging, and enlightening. His understanding of Jewish culture and history will bring the Scriptures to life for your people. His personal testimony is touching and unforgettable.

He and Michele are faithful, committed Christians who are actively serving in their home church. They are high integrity individuals with joyful, encouraging attitudes. I hope that you will prayerfully consider partnering in ministry with them as they seek to get the Gospel to the "Jew first, and also to the Greek."

Tyler Gillit
Pastor - Worth Baptist Church

Having known and supported Brother Al Reichman for almost 20 years, I find it very easy to validate his character and calling to the ministry of reaching those whom he calls "his people".

Here at Parkwood we've found Brother Al to be both educating and edifying, he has mastered the subject of the Jewish people from a Biblical and cultural perspective and conveys a heartfelt desire to reach them with the gospel.

He's a people person that presents himself as one of you and not above you, thereby creating an atmosphere in which it is easy to embrace the subject of which he speaks. He's a delight to be around and will certainly help any Pastor and church in which he comes to speak or to present the Jewish Passover.

I do wholeheartedly recommend the person and ministry of Dr. Al Reichman to any church or Pastor, you and your church will be blessed and know more having had this man of God in your midst.

Pastor Mark Thrift
Pastor, Parkwood Baptist Church
Houston, Texas

It has been my pleasure to have had Dr. Al Reichman as one of our missionaries for almost 20 years. Our people have always looked forward to his being with us and invited their friends to come and hear him.

He is a great challenge to both believer and unbeliever. Al has a great propensity for sharing the Scriptures from a Jewish point of view. This should not be a surprise, since each book of the Bible was written by a Jew and Al is Jewish. He has helped me to keep this perspective before my people at all times.

By the way, don’t ever go to Israel without a Jewish host and a Jewish guide. Al masterfully provides this service annually. I have attended and was marvelously blessed. I believe all churches should have at least one missionary to Jewish people and Dr. Al Reichman is one of the best.

Rev. H.E. Marcilliott, Retired
Former pastor of Columbine Baptist Church
Littleton, Colorado

Our long time friendship with Dr. Al & Michele Reichman began in 1990 when we ministered through music in the church Brother Al was pastoring in Brady, TX.

Several years later, when the Reichmans were led into full-time Jewish missions, we recommended him to our home church, Columbine Baptist Church, which was pastored by Rev. H.E. Marcilliott. Now that I am the pastor of Columbine we will continue to support and recommend the Reichmans.

I heartily agree with Rev. Marcilliott’s endorsement of Dr. Reichman. We have also traveled to Israel with Dr. Reichman and enthusiastically recommend his tour. You can host Dr. Reichman and the Ahavath Messiah Ministries with confidence.

Pastor George & Kathy Abbas
Columbine Baptist Church
Littleton, Colorado

It has been my pleasure and privilege to know, work with, and enjoy Dr. Al Reichman for many years. He has a heart for his people and a love for God that can be seen in his life, message, and outreach. I would highly recommend Dr. Reichman and Ahavath Messiah Ministries to you and your church. His messages will educate, challenge, and strengthen your congregation.

Dr. Chris Stephens
Central Baptist Church
Sulphur Springs, Texas

I would wholeheartedly like to recommend the ministry of Dr. Al Reichman for your church missions program. Al has been a personal friend of mine for many years. Our church has supported his mission work to the Jewish people for about 24 years. There has never been a question about his character or service for the Lord.

He has presented the Passover several times in our church. His presentation leaves a remarkable impression of its true meaning. I highly recommend that you share this with your congregation.

My wife and I have personally accompanied him and Michele on a trip to Israel. As a matter of fact, we were with him when he first discovered his father’s burial site. It was a very moving experience. His presentation of both the Jewish and Christian perspective of the Jewish heritage and the Old Testament will make your Bible come to life! I have never studied the Old Testament or New Testament the same. It will bless your heart.

I have also had Al in for a Prophecy Conference. He knows the Jewish perspective, he knows God’s perspective, he understands what’s going on in the Middle East, and he can put it all together with answers to our questions about what is going on today.

If you are a mission minded church, you know that the Lord would have His church go after His people, the Jewish people, with the Gospel and I don’t know of any better investment than the ministry of Dr. Al Reichman, who travels all over this country encouraging Christians to reach out to God’s chosen people.

Pastor Mickey Oliver
New Testament Baptist Church
Loganville, Georgia

I have personally known Al and Michele for over forty years. I have personally known him from the perspectives of a fellow student, pastor, and his current role with Ahavath Messiah Ministries. Dr. Reichman is well versed in his knowledge and presentation of Scriptures from the view of his Jewish heritage. His topics bring the Old Testament Scriptures into a focus that many have never experienced and understood before. It is always a joy and privilege to listen to him share his heart for his own people.

Pastor LaVoid Ford
Temple Baptist Church
Hobbs, NM